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Box Art 2008

Preview Exhibition: November 4 – 8, 2008

Box Art Benefit Auction: Saturday, November 8, 6 – 9 pm

Also in the Gallery:

Youth Fellows 2008 Exhibition: November 4 - 21

PROJECT: Charlie Milgrim, November 4 - 8

New Visions Exhibit

Box Art 2008 features original works made from recycled materials distributed by Pro Arts in partnership with the Reuse People. This annual fundraiser is an opportunity to create fun new work in community with other artists working with the same materials.

Sponsorships are available in advance of the event for $100. Sponsor an artist and receive reserved privileges at the event. For more details, call 510.763.4361 or send us an email at

Participating artists:

Tim Armstrong, Anne Austin, Marsha Balian, Jenny E. Balisle, Tanna Bellia, Micaela Carr, Maggie Cockrell, Paola Coda, Shelly Cournoyer, K. D'Adamo- Muanga, Ebony Dallas, Helen DiCarlo, Gretchen Dumas, Margo Dunlap, Diane Dunwoodie, Jamie Erfurdt, Margaret Fago, Pam Fingado, Angela Frenkel, Terry Furry, Aaron Geman, Anne Gerow, Ellen Gierson, Andrea Guskin, Fleur Helsingor, Janet Hiebert, Eileen Hughes, Kristen Jensen, Shannon Jewel, Woody Johnson, Tanya Joyce, Rok Kandi, John Kuzich, Jon Kwak, William LaRue, Amanda Lockwood, Marilia Lutz, Pablo Manga, Barbara Maricle, Liz Maxwell, Zoilita McKeon, Jill McLennan, Art Medlar, Dave Meeker, Julie Mevi-Shiflett, Jan Mignaud, Charlie Milgrim, Chris Miller, Judy Bolef Miller, Carol Morse, Mary Mortimer, Robert Bagnasco Murray, January O'Hara, Clare Olivares, Denz One, Carole Ormiston, Charley Paff, Susan Parish, Shannon Petitt, Jessica Phrogus, Anthony Pinata, Lori Pino, Natasha Ravnik, Barbara Rogers, Christine Rossi, Laurie Rothman, Doug Rowe, Franisco Sanchez, Lauren Shahroody, Mary Shisler, Larry Stefl, Pro Arts Staff, Musia Stagg, Jerome Szymczak, Constance Terrell, John Vias, Cleo Vilett, Holly Wach, Sherry Wacker, Kathe Welch, Kathe Welch, Hershell West, Irene Wibawa, Susan Wolf, and Leandra Wortham.

Image provided by Judy Bolef Miller.