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By Free Utopian Projects | Exhibition Call Selection 2013

Exhibition Dates: February 26 - March 29, 2013

Preview: Tuesday, February 26 - Friday, March 1

Artists' Reception and Free Art Launch: First Friday, March 1, 6-8pm

Associated Event: "A Night of Utopian Gestures" @ YBCA, March 30, 2013, 7-10pm | More info...

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The Free Gallery, by Free Utopian Projects, is a new exhibition presenting free artwork, found objects and art ephemera to the public.

The Free Gallery is both an interactive experience of an alternative art economy, as well as a study of art as a consumer product. Who makes art? Who exhibits art? Who buys art? The Free Gallery explores the collapse of these distinctions by offering a subverted gallery experience where not only admission is free, the art is too.

Participating artists donate work to the exhibition to be presented salon-style in a continually evolving cycle of giving and taking art. A 'Preview' will be held from Tuesday, February 26 to Friday, March 1 to allow viewers an exclusive preview of items that will be available free to the public from the Artists' Reception onwards. A practice of taking one work per person will be encouraged. The project proprietor Jocelyn Meggait will be onsite most gallery hours to discuss the project with visitors, coordinate artwork, and document the selection experience.

The Free Gallery brings a distinctly Bay Area tradition of free community happenings - from The Digger's Free Shops in the 1960's to thriving First Friday's in Oakland - to an exhibition experience. By embracing the potential for visual chaos and participatory mayhem, The Free Gallery seeks to highlight alternative routes for accessing, valuing and experiencing art.


To include your work in The Free Gallery bring it to Pro Arts' gallery on a scheduled art donation day:
Saturday, March 2, 11am-4pm
Saturday, March 9, 11am-4pm
Saturday, March 16, 11am-4pm
Saturday, March 23, 11am-4pm

Please view the Standards for Exhibited Work before making your donation.

Participating Artists: Sholeh Asgary, Stan Askew, Gwynessa Balvanz, Evan Barbour, Bonnie Bonner, Jennifer Brandon, Zoe Brinner (and Danielle), Lanie Bruce, Eliza Bui, Andie Lucia Bustillos, Kenna Kristen Cabral, Sohyung Choi, Maggie Cockrell, Claire Colette, Susanna Corcoran, Madelyn Covey, Alix Critchley, Julian DeMark, Russell Dudley, Margo Dunlap, Veva Edelson, Tara Flandreau, Peter Foucault, Judy Frazier, Carolina Gainey-Vejar, Hilary Galian, Tracy Ginsberg, Matthew Gottschalk, Lin Green, Michael Hall, Daniel Healey, Adam Heffler, Dana Hemenway, Sarah Herniesen, Maryellen Herringer, Amy M. Ho, Marisa Hudlin, Jorge Luis Iniguez, Emily Jan, Becky Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Samuel Levi Jones, Mary Kenny, Kevin Keul, Siri Klingelhofer, May Klingelhofer, Michael Koehle, Matthew Kowalski, Jeff Kramm, Phillip Landrum, Barbara Laukat, Kelly Lewis, Theodore Lillie, Hung Liu, Dara Lorenzo, Keegan Luttrell, Scott MacLeod, Gale Madyun, MAP (Mobile Arts Platform), Mark Martin, Robert McDaniel, Lauren McDougald, Kath Irwin McGaughey, Michael Mersereau, Guerda Mezidor, Nadja Eulee Miller, Doug Millison (Little Free Art Gallery), Seth Minor, Peter Miro, Camilla Newhagen, Sheri Leigh O’Connor, Jennifer Pace, Tressa Pack, Meri Page, Chelsea Pegram, Michele Pred, Simon Pyle, Rachelle Reichart, Tara Reinertson, Kate Rhoades, Yvette Rolufs, Cynthia Rose, Rtystk, Alex Rubio, Sam, William T. & Suzanne Saul, Jess Dene Schlesinger, Dickson Schneider (The Free Art Cart), Ron Scrivani, Kent Rodriguez Segura, Jenny Sharaf, Sofia Sharpe, Sam Sheppard, Kate Short, Lili Smith, Lance Suarez, Matthew Felix Sun, Gina Telcocci, Kelsey Thorne, Ama Torrance, Chris Treggiari, Marilyn Treon, Addiam Tsehaye, Molly Unquera, Elka Vera, Stephen Co Wagner, Katy Warner, Brittany Watkins, Angie Wilson, Daisy Wong

About Free Utopian Projects: Free Utopian Projects is an ongoing alternative art project exploring Utopian economic systems by creating free, socially active installations. Curator/proprietor/artist Jocelyn Meggait has installed Free Projects at Kala Art Institute, Mills College Art Museum, and most recently at the alternative art space A Temporary Offering in the Renoir Hotel, San Francisco.

About the Annual Call for Exhibition Proposals: The Annual Call for Exhibition Proposals establishes an open submission process for artists and curators to present and produce a curated exhibition in collaboration with Pro Arts. The program provides a platform for exceptional and unexpected presentations of work from a range of artists and curators.

Images: (top) The Free Gallery at Pro Arts, photo by Tressa Pack; (above); Free Gallery Patrons, photos by Jess Dene Schlesinger