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PROJECT: is an exhibition series that presents works which dialogue with topical issues and art practices from the wider contemporary art discourse--with an emphasis on exploring social practices, new genre, installation, off-site projects and new media.

PROJECT: Judy Levit

January 15 - March 5, 2013

Oakland artist Judy Levit's work is inspired by discovery. From world travel to everyday moments to experiences accessed via dreams and imagination, her abstract paintings embody a sense of discovery through both her creative process and visual destination.

Using charcoal, acrylic, hand-painted collage papers, fabric and found papers, Levit works without a plan. She explains, "As I apply the materials, they inspire new ideas, each step suggesting another." This intuitive process leads Levit to create bright, airy compositions that hint at imagined cities and invented landscapes.

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PROJECT: Renee Gertler

October 30, 2012 - January 11, 2013

Renee Gertler's PROJECT installation emerged from her research into space and astronomy. Her forms are inspired by diagrams found in various field guides for amateur astronomers, yet with added physical imperfections to emphasize the point where science intersects with imagination.

Referencing the metaphorical language of space to describe big ideas, such as "worm hole" and "dark matter", Gertler's sculptures Axis (2012) and Argyre (2012) playfully visualize how something with no real structure might look - the manifestation of energy literally set on a shelf.

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PROJECT: Jann Nunn

September 4 - October 26, 2012

Jann Nunn's practice engenders both conceptual and poetic sensibilities. Not unlike words in a poem, her material selection, scale, and design play off of each other to become something greater than the sum of their often-unrelated parts.

Nunn's drawing Broadway Boogie-Woogie developed circuitously while working on another piece. Originally using reclaimed materials - wooden crutches - to create a sculpture, Nunn came upon the mark of the rubber stopper from the crutch. This pervasive motif from her childhood created evocative patterns when inked and applied to paper. Nunn channeled rediscovered feelings of sorrow, anger and helplessness into a performance drawing, repetitively striking the paper tentatively at first and gradually with more vigor and aggression.

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PROJECT: Reflections

August 9 - 24, 2012

Reflections is a collaborative work by Satellite Housing’s elderly residents and St. Mary’s College students. Four paintings were created at five affordable housing communities located in Berkeley and Oakland. Satellite Housing residents and St. Mary’s students came together over a series of intergenerational events to play games, make art and reflect upon the question, “What does community mean to you?”

Satellite Housing is a community-based non-profit housing organization, established in 1966 with the goal of addressing the unmet housing and service needs of the Bay Area’s lowest–income residents. Reflections was created in cooperation with St. Mary’s College Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action, an academic center that promotes a culture of service and social justice education.

Pro Arts is proud to partner with Satellite Housing to present the story of Reflections and support community development through the arts.

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PROJECT: Charles Moulton

July 3 - August 5, 2012

This exquisite series of drawings by Charles Moulton depicts isolated arms, legs and hands; each rendered with the attention and nuance of portraiture. Years of experience as a trained dancer informs Moulton's work which explores how the body absorbs and projects experience, the suffering of time passing, and the conspiracy of sensation.

Charles Moulton says, "After retiring as a performer I became interested in finding a new way of being inside the creative experience. I was invited to the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in 2000 where, without any previous training, I began drawing. Visual work quickly became a daily practice. I approached it with tools and working methods learned over 25 years as a professional dancer and choreographer."

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PROJECT: Rachel Beth Egenhoefer

May 16, 2012 - June 15, 2012

Rachel Beth Egenhoefer's practice focuses on the push and pull between the technological and the organic. Egenhoefer says, "Shifts in our culture simultaneously drive us toward the organic, sustainable, local, and natural while also pulling us to be connected, plugged in, networked, tweeted, updated, and always in possession of the latest technological gadgets." Tug-O-War explores these themes in a site-specific installation that encompasses disparate objects of the technological and natural worlds.

Accompanying Tug-O-War are two installations created in collaboration with and installed at Youth UpRising. Instant Messages is a chalkboard installation that invites viewers to leave messages in the low tech medium of chalk on high tech symbols of smart phones, tweets, and status updates. How does it grow? is an outdoor installation that questions where technology grows.

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This program is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts also contributed funding.

PROJECT: Rtystk Shavers

April 14, 2012 - May 05, 2012

The Continuum is a series of paintings by Rtystk Shavers that expresses wellness and communication amongst strangers in inner city communities. The people in his paintings represent the characters of an invented painted language Shavers calls "Heirofiti;" a language designed to teach self love, family development and community outreach.

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This program is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts also contributed funding.

PROJECT: Natasha Loewy

March 24 - April 12, 2012

Loewy's installation consists of two minimal, geometric works with elements of play, elegance, and unease. Her site-specific installation responds sensitively to the architecture of Pro Arts' PROJECT space, while at the same time conveying something awkward and unsettling. Construct is a kinetic wall sculpture with subtle movements triggered by imperceptible sound within the gallery. The apparent disconnect between the sound and the movement builds anxiety that contrasts with the natural calm of Construct's sympathetic aesthetics. In conversation with Construct, Loewy's work, Untitled ("Black Rubber Piece"), appears to revel in its outlandish flowing forms and unlikely stillness.

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This program is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts also contributed funding.

PROJECT: Nancy Chan

December 24, 2010 - February 18, 2011

Nancy Chan's richly detailed sumi ink drawings investigate the spatial relationships between figures by removing them from their backgrounds. In her site-specific installation in Pro Arts' PROJECT space, the artist has modified her ink on paper process to produce two pairs of nearly life-sized figures, including two different self-portraits of the artist, drawn directly on gallery's wall.

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